Encounters that will be one-of-a kind - guests from Vanuatu will rebuild an original, traditional house from their village in the to be newly opened musuem for the South Seas Collection at Obergünzburg.

From May 15th till June 9th 2009


Bunlap, 2004  


Betu Watas at the end of the rebuilding (June 2009)


Ulrich Habich, director of the museum and visitors (June 2009)


The old museum and the new South Seas Collection (June 2009)


On the South Seas Collection Obergünzburg:

The "seafarer from the Allgäu" Karl Nauer sailed with the coastal steamer "Sumatra" amongst the Melanesian islands in the first decade of the last century. Commissioned by the "Norddeutscher Lloyd" he also explored Pacific Island between 1906 and 1913 on several research trips. He brought back articles of daily use and ritual objects, like weapons, sculptures, ornaments and precious death masks carved out of tropical wood. More than 1500 object from these remote islands came to the East Allgäu. Karl Nauer gave over his extensive private colletion to his home town Obergünzburg in 1913.

The guided tour around the South Seas Collection starts with the deepest well of the world, that takes us directly to the other side of the globe - to Papua New Guinea. That is the start of an exploring trip through the world of the sea, through the jungle, passing a South Sea village...

The unique collection, hidden, but well preserved over decades, will now be presented for the first time in its entity


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